Peter Wilkins is the Head Personal Trainer at Wilkins Barbell, his qualifications include;

  • Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness
  • Westside Barbell Special Strengths Coach
  • Westside Barbell Personal Training and Athletic Coach
  • RKC Kettlebell Instructor
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Powerlifting Trainer
  • CrossFit Strongman Trainer
  • Senior First Aid

The training at Wilkins Barbell combines Conjugate Method Strength Training, RKC Hardstyle Kettlebell, HIIT- High Intensity Interval Training, Strongman & Powerlifting to create a complete training program that is customizable for every individual client. Wilkins Barbell can cater for whatever the clients individual needs may be, whether they are training for Strength, Performance, Weight Loss or General Health.

The needs of School Children, Adults, Athletes & Older Adults are all addressed at Wilkins Barbell.

One on One Personal Training sessions & Small Group Fitness sessions are available 6 days per week. Kettlebell classes, dedicated Strength Training, Powerlifting & Strongman group classes are also available 6 days per week. All sessions are 60 minutes in duration & are held morning, afternoon & night.